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Physical Therapy Performance & Rehab

Whether you are looking to relieve your pain, need personalized performance training, need maintenance work on your joints and muscles, or are just getting back into the gym, we offer services that have you covered!  Our services are designed to improve YOUR specific physical function and meet YOUR specific goals!

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Your New Beginning

Nikao Performance and Rehab specializes in boutique-style, one-on-one care for individuals that would benefit from the highest customized and personalized care from skilled and licensed professionals.

We offer a bridge from traditional training and healthcare services to optimize the body’s healing, restoration, and performance. Nikao Performance and Rehab understands that everyone has their own personal challenges and victories, and we are committed to working with each individual at their own pace and level to achieve their own success to ‘conquer their mountain’!

Lead Therapist

Dr. Gulledge came into the Physical Therapy scene after spending months in therapy as an injured athlete. She has accumulated a wealth of experience in fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation for all fitness levels. Dr. Gulledge has over 6 years of experience as a licensed Physical Therapist in addition to a background in personal training, coaching, consulting on fitness and injury prevention for semi-professional and professional athletes, and designing wellness programs for university faculty.

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Customized Treatment Programs

We are your muscle, bone, and joint specialists and will work with you to cater your program or treatment to your body’s needs and your personal goals.

Choose from our tiered services depending on your level of need, or shop our home or virtual services based on time and convenience. All tiered 1 services are provided by a Licensed Physical Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Hours: Mon-Sat by appointment only

Please send questions to info@nikaoperformance.com or text 480-524-0321